Both algorithms can be downloaded from GitHub, in the Datasets folder, there are files to test. At the end of the post is the Complete Paper (In Spanish).

Data mining consists of analyzing volumes of data from different tools or techniques that facilitate this process, such as, for example, the a priori algorithm, FP-Growth, aprioriTID, aprioriHybrid, Eclat, Top-k rules, etc. Today the applicability of data mining can be seen in many areas such as medicine, biology, or business enterprises.

Association Rules

The association rules show correlations found from the analysis of a large set of transactions. …

In my opinion, the DEBUGGERS, have come to save the programmers of hours and hours of work. Sometimes when we use IDEs, we struggle to install and configure them.
Ok, let's go...

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In your VENV folder, you have to locate the file: Python.exe inside in venv/scripts/python.exe

Go to File -> Settings and locate the Project Interpreter. Then click on “+” and put the route of your Python.exe, we have to add this Python Interpreter that comes from VENV.


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